Looking forward to using your conservatory this summer? Speak to TechfitUK about Coolkote and Solar Window Films to use your room in comfort during the hot days.   Domestic Conservatory Photo 3                                                                

Window Film supplied and fitted, by established window film professionals.

Unlike blinds and materials that trap and absorb heat making a conservatory hotter, TechfitUK Window films reflect the rays that are responsible for making Conservatories intolerable during hot summer days, but also helps to insulate during the winter giving you more time to relax and enjoy your conservatory throughout the year.

Get a longer Conservatory Season with TechfitUK Window Films including Coolkote films and technology.

Conservatory Too Hot In Summer & Too Cold In Winter?

What Is Conservatorycool?

Conservatory with film appliedConservatory with film applied

Conservatorycool is a 2ply, UK sourced, premium quality solar film designed to reflect away the heat away in summer & retain heat in winter. Various types are available to suit glass or polycarbonate surfaces.

Cost Versus Other Options?

Conservatory installer

Of course, there are alternatives, such as a solid roof, plasterboard ceiling or false plastic ceiling. Conservatorycool is the cheapest option and also the quickest & less evasive method of insulation


We are VERY PROUD of our excellent reviews on both Facebook and Google. We ask all clients to complete a post-installation questionnaire to share on our website, whatever their comments we always share their review.

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Peter Watson recommends Techfit UK:

"Excellent service, and the reduction in heat in our conservatory is great, money well spent."

Othello Perkins reviewed Techfit UK:

"Excellent service called up to discuss my ideas and the owner came out the same day to offer a consultation, saving me huge amounts of money with savvy ideas. Fitted my small conservatory film within 45 minutes, excellent service and great attention to detail. Can’t recommend enough."

Gary Burns recommends Techfit UK:

"The conservatory (greenhouse) in our new home was unbelievably hot when the sun came out.
I spoke to Glen and he came to have a look.
We discussed whether the "film" would be able to help and Glen explained it was never going to make the conservatory "cool" when the sun was beating down but would definitely make it usable.

We are now into the 3rd day of this glorious bank holiday , and i have to say its probably the best money i have ever spent.
The lovely space that we have is now very much usable

Glen and Josh came, they did a professional job for us , and there was no mess , for anyone who is looking for an alternative to having the roof replaced on there conservatory , talk to Glen ,we have managed to retain the "light" , but cut out those very strong rays. Thanks Glen !!"

How Does It Work?

Conservatorycool is installed internally to the underside of your existing roof. It reflects away the heat & glare in summertime & will provide a low-e coating in the winter. Click here for a free no obligation quotation!


78% Heat Reflection In Summer

82% Glare Reduction

99% UV Block

Up to 66% Heat Retention In Winter


• Use your conservatory comfortably all year

• See TV screens and computer screens clearly

• Protect furnishings/flooring from sun damage

• Reduce your energy bills in the colder months

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Conservatorycool Reflective For Glass Roofs

Slight blue tint from the inside with a mirror finish to the outside.

Conservatorycool For Polycarb Roofs

Opaque film which will still let in light through the roof but without the heat or glare.

Conservatorycool For Windows/Roofs

If you prefer a more natural look there is an option of Conservatorycool Neutral.

The slightest of tint from the inside with a darker grey to the outside.

Conservatory with heat reduction film appliedConservatory with window film being fitted

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