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TechFitUK Window Films - Manchester University

Slide 1 - What Is Window Film

Slide 2 - And Why Techfit UK

Slide 11 - Gold Smiths Welwyn Garden City

SLIDE 12 - Dalton Park, Seaham New Cinema, KFC and Units
SLIDE 13 - Manifestations at Costa Coffee in Ealing, West London
SLIDE 14 - University logo manifestations installed at Newcastle University
SLIDE 15 - Evens Halshaw Renault in Durham

Slide 10 - Clear Data Vinyl Wallpaper

Slide 9 - Conservatory Domestic

Slide 8 - Oxclose Mirrored Entrance

Slide 5 - Temporary vinyl at M & S - Scunthorpe

Slide 6 La Senza white vinyl to hide workers during construction from customers

Carphone Warehouse outdoor vinyl image

Manchester University
White-vinyl-to-hide-tops-of-desks-&-server-room-Manchester-University1 White-vinyl-to-hide-tops-of-desks-&-server-room-Manchester-University1
White-vinyl-to-hide-tops-of-desks-&-server-room-Manchester-University2 White-vinyl-to-hide-tops-of-desks-&-server-room-Manchester-University2
White-vinyl-to-hide-tops-of-desks-&-server-room-Manchester-University3 White-vinyl-to-hide-tops-of-desks-&-server-room-Manchester-University3

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