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About Security film. Broken office window

The glass in our homes and offices allows us to feel connected to the outside world and provide light and warmth. But In terms of security, glass windows can be some of the most significant weak points in our modern buildings today. Glass is relatively weak in terms of resistance to force or impact. It can be broken with simple tools and minimal force, allowing intruders entry into your office or home.

TechfitUK Installers of Security Film to Domestic and Commercial Premises Across the North of England

Cons of Security film.

* Security window film is not bulletproof!

We repeat, it is not bulletproof! The stark truth is that there is no such thing as bulletproof window film. It can, however, reduce the time it takes for an active shooter to gain entry into your building. This can help increase the time the occupants have to escape to safety.

* Window film does not stop the glass from breaking.

Customers often misunderstand that security window film will stop the glass from breaking during an impact. This is not true. The glass will still break and shatter. However, the window film will hold the shattered glass together, not allowing glass shards to fall out of the window frame potentially injuring you or your colleagues or family.

* Security window film is not an impenetrable barrier!

Another popular misconception we often face is clients believe once the film is installed, the glass windows are impenetrable. Security film is no substitute for a security door or metal guards.

TechfitUK Installers of Security Film to Domestic and Commercial Premises Across the South of England

Pros of Security film.

* Visibility

Once security window films have been installed correctly they are hard to notice on the glass.

* Privacy

Security window film also comes with privacy options for buildings with windows that open to public-facing streets that require strengthening to protect people and property from intruders. Often opportunist burglars will scope out homes and businesses by looking through windows for valuables.

* Shatterproof

Another benefit of security window film is its ability to hold the glass in place after it has been impacted.

* Security

In the case of an attempted burglary, anything that will delay entry is a massive benefit. Security window film can make your windows hard to break into. This can give your windows up to 3 minutes of delay. Those extra minutes are valuable to you and your colleagues / family.

* UV Protection

All security window films have Ultra Violet light protection and reduce almost all the UV light coming in through your windows. This can help prolong the life of your interior furniture and valuables. Whilst it's not as effective as dedicated solar control films, it’s a welcome additional feature for most clients.