Solar Film

Anti Glare Film

TechFitUk have a specialist range of solar control window films to reduce the excess glare from the sun before it can pass through the windows of your office, school, shop or factory. The sun’s glare can make working conditions uncomfortable by increasing eye strain of computer screens and monitors. Unlike window blinds, which will hide your view, solar window films will still allow you to see out clearly through the windows during the day. Solar Control Window Films can reduce the sun’s glare by up to 95% in some instances with our most popular solar control films reducing the glare by 80%. This is a very good compromise between reducing enough glare whilst not stopping too much natural light.

Heat Reduction

Excess heat can make working conditions uncomfortable; reduce work efficiency and cause complaints and tiredness. Solar Control Window Films applied to the existing glass windows in your shop, office, school or factory can dramatically help to reduce the problem whilst still allowing you to see out of the building. Solar Control Window Films which reduce heat can also reduce the strain on air conditioning systems and electric fans, helping to reduce energy consumption and save money on energy bills.